Soft-eating dried fruit

woolworthsSoft-eating Dried Fruit (SEDF) is our flagship dried fruit product and is manufactured by our sister company At Source Handmade Foods right here on Koelfontein. Woolworths has been and continues to be the anchor customer for At Source. The inspiration for what we call “soft eating dried fruit” was a small range of “high moisture” dried fruit that Woolworths had sourced from a French company during the 1990s, but which was limited to hardy dried fruits such as prunes, Turkish apricots and figs. We realised that we had the opportunity to offer Woolworths customers a much larger range of fruit by inventing a proprietary process to rehydrate more delicate dried fruit that up until that point had not been achieved successfully on a commercial scale. By perfecting the technique to produce soft-eating peaches, pears, nectarines, mangoes and so forth, we can now boast the most extensive range of its kind in the world with a quality and softness that far surpasses anything else we have come across. It is also made with our highest grade sun-dried fruit and we believe its soft, velvety texture and unsurpassed flavour represents the pinnacle of dried fruit eating quality.

This range of Koelfontein branded premium soft-eating dried fruit is supplied exclusively to Woolworths in South Africa, and is a truly world-leading product that we are all very proud of.